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Call Forwarding Services

Call Forwarding Services

The loss of customers who simply could not get through to you, or fell for an incompetent employee, what could be worse? Reduce the risks of such situations with the help of a call forwarding service! Our company offers you several scenarios for effective forwarding at once, which will help to increase the efficiency of telephone communication several times! Let your customers feel like VIPs during every call.

Features That Call Forwarding Service Gives You

What does call forwarding do in general?

  • The client is guaranteed to dial into your company, even if the employee to whom he calls is not at the workplace or his line is busy.
  • Your employees can work outside the office, and customers will get through to them.
  • You reduce the time spent on the manual transfer of calls from one department to another.
  • Customer loyalty increases if they get the opportunity to contact the right department immediately.
  • Configured forwarding optimizes the working time of the secretary.

You can get all these features by connecting and configuring the call forwarding service from <company name>.

Options for Configuring Call Forwarding by <company name>

What do you mean by call forwarding? Today, this is a much bigger opportunity than just switching from one telephone line to another! We offer you to use one of the scenarios of this service.

Call Forwarding to Mobile Phone Number

Your employees are not in the office but the client needs to contact them? Set up call forwarding from your office number to your employee's mobile number. For the client, this is an opportunity to get the necessary information without delay, and for you, it is additional points to the company's reputation. Give customers the opportunity to resolve their issues directly with the employee they need!

Call Transfer to Another Department

Did your employee receive a call that is not within their competence? Do not force clients to call back several times to contact the specialist they need! Just forward the call to the desired department with one click. You save time for your customers and your employees, show your company as a loyal organization that cares about customers and get positive feedback from them.

Transferring a Call to an Employee Within the Department

Some of your employees do not have time to process calls, and their colleagues in the same department are chilling? Forwarding within a department can help reduce the burden on overloaded employees or instantly connect a more experienced specialist to the conversation. Clients do not like to wait, and forwarding provides an opportunity to negotiate without waiting until the right employee is free. You just instantly involve them in the solution of a client issue!

Connecting the Secretary's Phone With Instant Call Forwarding

A special secretary phone with instant switching of a telephone conversation to the specialist the client needs is an opportunity to optimize time and free the secretary from constantly redirecting client calls manually. Modern technologies allow secretaries to work faster, and the instant call forwarding telephone is the example of such technologies.

Call Forwarding to an External Number

Do your customers need to connect with someone outside of your company? Do you know who can help them? Don't force customers to write down the phone numbers they need, just transfer their call to the right person. Forwarding to external numbers will help you with this. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by using this service.

Call Forwarding Service from <company name> Helps Increase the Efficiency of Your Company

With us, you can improve the reputation of your company and increase customer loyalty because by forwarding their calls, you can show that you care about them. Activating the service in <company name> is very simple. Just apply for the service, and our specialists will do the rest.

Our products

Call Forwarding Services
Auto dialer
GBR 35.00
GBR 25.00
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Call Forwarding Services
Robo dialer
GBR 70.00
GBR 50.00
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Call Forwarding Services
GBR 7.00
GBR 5.00
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Call Forwarding Services
Call center
GBP 15.00
GBP 10.00
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Branches interconnection

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  • increase the conversion of each manager. Usually, the best experience of selling dialogues in the company is collected in the script. Sales techniques are also used: bypassing obstacles, handling objections, closing a deal, and others. By working with an effective script, managers sell better.
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