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Sales Scripts Development

Sales Scripts Development

Effective telephone negotiations are the basis of success. Win the loyalty of your customers with precise, effective, and personalized phone call scripts.

Besides, you can configure scripts right in your CRM! Thanks to the built-in function of compiling and saving sales scripts for telephony in CRM from IPTel, your employees will be able to negotiate with maximum effectiveness.

What are sales scripts, and how do they help businesses? These are customized scenarios of telephone negotiations that enable a manager or a call-center operator to conduct a conversation with a client according to a given scenario, manage it and obtain the desired result in the form of a sale, motivating the client to go to the site, effective work with objections or increasing customer loyalty, etc.

Scripts for telephone conversations allow:

  • To reduce the conversation time and, at the same time, invest in a maximum of useful information for the client.
  • To enable the operator to speak freely, without pauses, or interruptions, confidently and professionally.
  • To mitigate operator communication risks.

You can develop any number of phone conversation scripts to work with different groups of customers, promote different products and offers, and deal with suggestions, comments, objections, and customer complaints.

At the same time, you do not need to install a separate software product to work with sales script calls! You get access to the sales script functionality right in your CRM!

Make communication with the client accurate and error-free!

Our products

Sales Scripts Development
Auto dialer
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Sales Scripts Development
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Sales Scripts Development
Call center
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Sales Scripts Development
Robo dialer
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Also interesting

Sales Funnels Visualization
Sales Funnels Visualization

Creating an effective sales funnel and consistently managing it along the client's paths is the key to success. With IPTel's CRM sales funnel visualization tool with built-in telephony, it's real!

The built-in function of visualization and customization of sales funnels provides you with the following features:

  • A simple tool for creating sales funnels that will reduce the burden on your managers.
  • Ability to customize funnels for a specific audience, product, or niche.
  • Visualization that makes the process of guiding customers through the funnel logical and understandable.
  • Integration with telephony. It offers the ability to involve customer databases, call scripts, and customer cards to work with funnels in a single CRM space.

Advantages of building sales funnels in CRM from IPTel:

  • Expanding the target audience and increasing coverage.
  • Highest sales efficiency.
  • Customization of sales funnels by products and leads.
  • Reducing the time spent by the company's personnel on developing funnels and working with them.
  • Performance analytics built into CRM to monitor and optimize sales funnels.

With our tools for building and visualizing sales funnels, you can improve the quality of customer service, offer customers exactly the products they need, and increase the effectiveness of sales managers with thoughtful and customized customer acquisition and retention strategies.

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Storage of the History of Customer Interaction
Storage of the History of Customer Interaction

CRM with built-in telephony from IPTel allows you not only to maintain a customer database with complete information about customers, their contact details, and additional notes but also to store the entire history of interaction with each customer.

The customer interaction history library enables company management and employees responsible for communication to quickly access:

  • Information about customer applications;
  • Data on the interaction of customers with the company (contacts using the site, calls, e-mails, etc.);
  • Interaction results (for example, a purchase was made);
  • Notes and comments made by managers;
  • All documents related to the client and his history: invoices, acts, contracts, sent commercial offers.

All of this works in favor of personalizing the customer experience. You and your employees get a convenient tool for further communication, the development of individual offers for customers, and the increase of customer loyalty and motivation.

The history of customer interaction allows you to reduce the risk of errors in communication with customers, helps managers to improve customer service and increases the reputation of the company in the eyes of customers.

You no longer have to collect information about each client piece by piece from notes, chat history in messengers, e-mails, or comments from managers. Everything is collected in one place, and responsible employees get access to information about the client exactly at the moment when they need it.

The history of interaction with customers integrated into CRM is an opportunity to improve the level of customer service and increase sales by working with each customer in a personalized way.

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Integration with Your Website’s Web Forms
Integration with Your Website’s Web Forms

The presence of feedback forms on the site helps companies to establish fast contact with customers who are interested in their goods or services. But manual processing of requests that are made using web forms on the site can lead to several problems at once as follows:

  • Communication delays due to heavy workload on managers responsible for feedback.
  • Mistakes caused by the "human factor", when the manager manually makes mistakes in the customer's contact information and, as a result, cannot contact him quickly.

The function of uploading your site's web forms to CRM from IPTel will help you avoid these mistakes.

Thanks to carefully thought-out loading mechanisms, your website, landing page, or online store on the marketplace platform will be able to work even more efficiently! You get an automated solution for the prompt transfer of information about client requests, which will allow:

  • Quickly process applications,
  • Increase customer loyalty,
  • Avoid mistakes in the manual upload of web forms.

We offer you to take advantage of the possibility of integrating all web forms from the site into CRM including callback forms, comments, and order forms. And the built-in CRM telephony from IPTel will allow you to immediately set up communication with customers in a single interface. You can create callback forms that, when filled out, will be processed by the system, and then CRM will automatically dial the number of the responsible employee or department and connect the customer with them.

Working with web forms will be even more efficient if you use the function of their integration into your CRM.

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Analytics Tools and Reports
Analytics Tools and Reports

Businesses talk by figures. Thus, reporting for any department of the company is mandatory, because based on this data, the owner or CEOs can evaluate performance, correct work deficiencies, and plan further strategies.

Such analytical tools for evaluating work with clients and the level of customer service of the company are offered by our CRM with built-in telephony.

The CRM interface provides a convenient monitoring panel for managers and business owners. It already has integrated all the main tools for creating reports, and the data of work with clients is downloaded in real-time.

It is simple and convenient for all company’s levels of responsibility:

  • Managers get the opportunity to form reports on their work based on the entered data and avoid errors that are possible when compiling reports manually.
  • Heads of departments can evaluate the work with customers of each employee and receive up-to-date information about who needs more work, who performs their duties ineffectively, and who deserves incentives for conscientious work.
  • For senior management, the ability to report and see the full picture of customer service is the key to developing future strategies. You receive information about the company's work with clients in an organized, accurate and detailed form.

CRM analytical tools with built-in telephony include:

  • Statistics of growth of customers and leads;
  • Statistics of interaction of managers with clients on the website or in telephone communication;
  • Sales data;
  • Analytics of customer requests and customer cards to form a portrait of the target audience.

All this will allow you to quickly and accurately react to the performance of departments and employees, build strategies, make decisions about the workload and encourage/punish employees. All this is implemented in a single interface, without the need to use separate software products for generating reports and downloading statistics.

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Documents Templates Library
Documents Templates Library

Document flow can complicate the work of any company. At the same time, the accuracy of drafting documents is mandatory. Contracts, invoices, or bills of lading - each of these documents requires time and skill to draw up. What if the company needs to create hundreds or even thousands of standard documents every day? This causes difficulties of the following types:

  • The responsible staff spends time not on working with clients, but on drafting documents;
  • Manually created documents are more prone to errors, especially if the document flow is very intensive.

Don't waste your employees' time on paperwork! CRM from IPTel offers to automate the entire process of creating standard documents. Upload your document templates and insert dynamic fields that you can automatically populate with customer data as you pull it from your customer card database. Additionally, you will be able to perform the following actions with downloaded templates:

  • Customize them if necessary with a simple editing function;
  • Pull information about products from your catalog into the document template;
  • Pull customer payment data to the template.

Using libraries to load your documentation templates into our CRM is your opportunity to:

  • create necessary documents in a matter of minutes;
  • reduce the time spent by the staff on working with documentation;
  • reduce the risk of errors in documents;
  • increase customer loyalty, because they will receive the necessary documents almost instantly!

Don't waste time working with documents. Optimize your company's work and reduce the burden on your staff by using the simple, convenient and customizable automatic document generation function in CRM.

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