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Statistics and monitoring

Calls details
The feature provides you with data about call length, their number, and other information you may need for efficiency analyses.
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Calls stats
All the stats are collected automatically for your goals. Adjust the stats for your calls and get useful info instantly.
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Calls analitics
Ready-made reports about calls in your company. The feature offers analytic tools that save your time and give you the information you need.
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Supervisor dashboard
The most convenient feature for call center supervisors. All the tools are in one place to do the job of a supervisor much more effectively.
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Campaigns monitoring
Evaluate the features that our campaign monitoring offers. Get all the data about campaign results and efficiency in a convenient tool.
Website callback widget
Effective and attractive callback widgets for your website. Let your clients send you callback requests momentarily.
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Send audio messages and pre-recorded calls to your clients using robodialer. That feature helps to make any number of calls simultaneously.
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Power dialer
The power dialer allows you to get the list of phone numbers called one after another. Automated dialling process that saves time and decreases the human factors impact in your calling goals.
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Predictive dialer
Increase the efficiency of your call center agents by applying the feature of a predictive dialer. The feature allows for increasing the productivity of call center agents up to 95%.
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User groups management
Give your employees the services they really need. Manage groups of telephony users accurately.
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Branches interconnection
Get a single solutions for multiple branches in your company. One digital telephony system will work for all branches, no matter how distantly they are located.
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Click to call
Dial clients numbers in a matter of a single moment. Use click to call feature to decrease time expenses on dialling numbers.
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Agent workspace
An effective toolkit for an agent who works with telephone calls is already there. Get it from us.
Call scripts
Use effective scripts to maintain telephone talks with clients in the way you need them. US-based scripts with proven efficiency are at your service.
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Smart call routing

Text to speech
Transfer any text to speech using that feature. Get the text spoken by state-of-the-art digital speakers.
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Intelligent calls routing
Get the routing for your calls using automation features. Adjust pre-defined criteria for call routing to increase efficiency.
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Personalized greetings
Make your clients feel their importance to you with personalized pre-recorded greetings.
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The one robot that can substitute the whole call center! Make hundreds of calls momentarily using the IVR feature.
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Business hours
The feature allows adjusting working days and business hours terms for a call center or your company’s telephony.
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Maintain the queue of calls to your company to make all the clients content with your customer service.
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The feature allows you to hold conferences with an unlimited number of members.
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SIP numbers
Digital telephony at its best. That is what SIP numbers offer you. No providers or high fees for using their services.
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CRM integration
The digital feature that integrates your telephony to the CRM you use. Get all the data about calls, call center efficiency, and missed clients in your CRM.
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Use your browser instead of your physical phone. Get an opportunity to receive and make calls just with one touch without any software installed.
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Adjust the callback option not to miss a single call to your company. Get information about incoming calls and call them back instantly.
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Call forwarding
This feature is essential for secretaries, call centers, and sales management directions. Forward calls to the employee who’s free or who is responsible for the client's question.
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Get your web applications interacting with the server side efficiently and securely using our REST API feature.
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Call recording
Get all your calls recorded and saved securely using cloud technology.
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Sales Funnels Visualization
This function allows you to automate the process of lead generation and their guidance along the turns of a sales funnel.
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Storage of the History of Customer Interaction
A built-in function for maintaining the history of customer interactions in a logical and systemic way.
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Integration with Your Website’s Web Forms
Downloading information from the website is easy in CRM and it helps to update information about customer requests.
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Analytics Tools and Reports
Accurate multi-factor tools to provide analysis and reports about customer service.
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Documents Templates Library
Built-in templates for quick and error-free work with documents, their creation, and sending to clients.
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Email Tools
A full-fledged tool for mailing with clients, suppliers, and counterparties via email.
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Sales Scripts Development
Effective sales scripts for communication with customers. Phone conversation scenarios are built into the CRM.
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Custom Setups for CRM to Meet the Business Specifics
One-fit-all solution for a diverse range of needs! Custom setups of a CRM to meet the specifics of your business.
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