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Webphone - Use of Various Types of Terminal Devices

Webphone - Use of Various Types of Terminal Devices

Telephony for business in its modern form opens up endless possibilities. A host of technologies, tools and features help you maximize your phone-intensive processes in and out of the office.

At the same time, the choice of terminal devices for managing telephone communication can be confusing. There are a lot of them, and each provides certain advantages. Therefore, if you need to ensure maximum efficiency of telephone communication, it is better to ask for the help of professionals. In our company, you will be able to choose the best options for devices for telephone communication of your company. In particular, we are ready to provide you with the best options for devices such as:

  • IP phones,
  • Softphones,
  • Web phones,
  • Analog phones,
  • Cell phones,
  • Specialized solutions for company secretaries and directors.

What makes these endpoints unique?

IP Phones – Functionality Without the Hassle

IP telephony is not just a trend. Today, an office without this type of terminal device looks at least frivolous. And all this is just because IP phones do not require dedicated telephone lines, work from an Internet connection, use high-quality and high-speed software, and have many functions that are not available to mobile and analog communication devices. Thanks to IP phones, you will not only reduce the cost of paying telephone bills but also optimize the time spent on processing calls, be able to record conversations with customers, track employee productivity, and simply provide the office with high-quality communication. Functionality, saving company resources, and presentability - these are all IP phones.

Softphones With a Headset. Your Employees’ Comfort and Efficiency

Are your employees torn between working on a laptop and answering customer calls? Do you want the department to work like a real call center, or do you organize a call center directly? All this requires a special type of telephone equipment. Our company will help you choose, install, and use softphones with a headset. This is especially useful for companies where employees need to communicate with customers and use a computer to search for information or enter data at the same time. The softphone is simply put on the ear like a hands-free headset and provides a full-fledged telephone connection. No loss in performance. Prompt response to calls. Satisfied clients. All this is the result of the introduction of softphone devices.

Web Phone Helps to Manage Calls From the Browser

Do you want telephony to the office that works just from a browser? No wires, no phone lines, no bills, no maintenance! Your web phone in the browser already provides you with a stable connection if you have a good internet connection. In addition, you can additionally use the numerous features of such a device, such as a call analytics, reports, and conversation dynamics.

Analog Phones, an Endless Classic in a New Version

If you are not ready to give up the good old analog numbers, let's make them more modern! Our VoIP technologies will help you transform standard analog communications into a modern IP PBX with all its benefits. Stay true to the old numbers! Make telephony your forte, even without telephony upgrades. We offer telephony optimization at a minimal cost.

Mobile Communication. The Ability for Employees to Be in Touch Anywhere

Do many of your employees work on location? At the same time, they need to stay in touch with the office and clients? Let's do more than just connect them to a mobile operator! All their mobile calls will go to the CRM and ICS to ensure not only the correct distribution and forwarding but also to record conversations, monitor the quality of work, track problems, etc. In addition, the presence of a single mobile number with a voice greeting and forwarding - it's prestigious!

Secretary Phone. Get an Additional Functionality for Maximum Efficiency

The secretary is always inextricably linked with telephony. Even in the smallest office, the secretary's phone is bursting with calls! How about providing your secretary with features that save time and increase efficiency? A phone with an additional panel of phone monitoring buttons, the ability to set up an answering machine or voice message, call recording, and other functions will solve the problem of employee workload.

Director's Phone: Custom Solutions for Executives

The director of the company requires maximum detail of all processes in the office. Telephony is no exception. We offer to choose for you custom solutions for the director's phone. All modern telephony features are available in one device. We will select for you the optimal terminal device that will perform all the desired functions.
With us, you can be sure that telephone communication is at its best in your office!

Our products

Webphone - Use of Various Types of Terminal Devices
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Webphone - Use of Various Types of Terminal Devices
Auto dialer
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Webphone - Use of Various Types of Terminal Devices
Robo dialer
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Webphone - Use of Various Types of Terminal Devices
Call center
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Also interesting

Call Statistics Are the Basis for the Efficient Management of Your Business
Call Statistics Are the Basis for the Efficient Management of Your Business

Do your employees work with phone calls and you want to get a real picture of their performance? Do you want to understand whether everything is going right and whether each employee receives his salary justifiably? You do know that there is always a way to improve performance and KPIs if you apply technology, don't you? Then you will surely appreciate our call statistics service for businesses.

Features of Our Call Statistics Collection Service

Phone calls can be analyzed and they definitely should be analyzed. Moreover, each of them provides a large amount of important information even without taking into account the content of the conversation. All this data can be collected and optimized for further analysis. This is exactly what we offer you as part of our service for collecting call statistics for business goals.

What exactly do you get when using phone call statistics collection technologies?

Analyze Telephone Call Efficiency for Each Employee

Not all employees are equally efficient. By collecting call statistics, you can track which of your employees are showing good results, and which are openly neglecting their duties. You can not only find out the real situation in the company but also collect the necessary information to calculate important performance indicators. You will have a powerful tool for motivating employees in your hands: analyze their performance, develop incentives and penalties, optimize staff, and monitor KPI without investment.

Get Real Data on Groups or Teams of Employees

Analytics and statistics of calls by departments and groups of employees are also convenient tools for managing business processes. You can redistribute the load between departments or increase the amount of work for a group that does not show good results. All this does not require you to invest and resources as our call statistics collection software will do all the work for you.

Gather Data for Each Period by Collecting Statistics by Date

You know perfectly well that any business has its "hot" dates, high seasons, and times when the number of calls is reduced. Through the use of tools for collecting call statistics, you can collect information on the workload of telephone lines on certain dates. Analyze results and optimize employee schedules on peak days based on real data, not guesswork and forecasts. Effective work schedules are easy to develop based on call statistics.

Upload Statistical Data Instantly

Do you want to use the collected call statistics for the benefit of your company? No problem! All data collected by our call statistics collection tool can be downloaded in a format convenient for you instantly. Upload data to an excel file, create graphs and charts based on them and operate with information for your analytical reports and strategies. We offer you the comfort of use and the efficiency of our service.

Use Call Statistics Collection Tools for the Benefit of Your Prosperity

Our service is your wide opportunity to improve the efficiency of the company. Order the call statistics collection service and you will be able to appreciate the benefits of this tool in the very first days.

Make high-tech telephony your strong point in business.

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Call recording - Data Granularity from Phone Calls: Expand Telephony Opportunities for Your Business
Call recording - Data Granularity from Phone Calls: Expand Telephony Opportunities for Your Business

Telephony for business is about more than having phone numbers and maintaining a high quality of communication to talk to customers. Today it is a powerful tool that allows business owners to operate with important data to formulate strategies and tactics. In particular, one of the effective tools that modern telephony technologies offer is call detailing.

For company owners, it is important to know exactly what calls employees made, how long the communication with the client lasted, and how effective the calls were for the prosperity of the company. And all this (and not only this) allows you to implement the call detailing service.

Our company offers you to take advantage of all the benefits of call data granularity for your company. We will promptly connect you to the service and teach you how to use it for the benefit of your business and get the data you need.
Let's tell you a little more about what you get when you connect the call detailing service.

Storing All Calls in One Place!

All information about phone calls in your company is collected in a single interface. You get access to all telephone conversations and can analyze each call by listening to it again. What does it bring to the business?

  • The manager can analyze and work on mistakes, based on the calls received and made by employees. This is an excellent base for developing corporate communication standards and training employees in it.
  • Collected phone call base can help employees analyze their calls faster and find previous conversations with the client to respond to needs and requests faster.
  • For the sales department and marketers, the collected details of calls can become the basis for developing a sales strategy, working with objections, and scripts for responding to negative feedback.

In general, the use of call data granularity service is the key to increasing the conversion of your business and building a business reputation.

Don't Waste Time Searching for the Required Call

With our call detailing service, you will not waste time looking for the phone conversation you need but will be able to concentrate on work tasks. To do this, you can use convenient database search filters. The interface has filters by call date, respondent number, responsible employee, provider, and call status. Just configure the settings you need and find the call in a matter of seconds. This is a direct saving of working time and indirect savings of the company's money.

Get Real Data to Optimize Sales

Collecting data with our call detail service has never been so convenient. All information can be uploaded to an excel file, and then you can operate with the information received. Filter it, create reports and analyzes, print them, and share them with employees. All this is real and can be done very fast. The resulting databases are an excellent basis for optimizing your sales strategy. Use real call data, not guesswork.

Call detailing is a tool that businesses simply need today. Make your way to the top easier because such a service will eventually help the development of the company, save employees' working time, allow you to build the right strategies, and increase the company's profit.

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Integration With CRM: Connect All Processes!
Integration With CRM: Connect All Processes!

Telephony and CRM are the cornerstones of any business seeking to develop in the dynamics of modernity. Thanks to solutions from <company name>, you can use both of these technologies, but also successfully integrate them. Your business efficiency will increase exponentially if telephony and customer management systems work together for the benefit of your company.

Manage Calls and Customer Information on the Site

The main task of telephony is to maintain effective communication with customers. The speed of processing calls, creating a single client base, negotiating on any issues - all this requires information support. You can integrate the database from client feedback forms on the site with your telephony. Maintain a single directory of contacts, provide access to it for all employees, and manage processes even more efficiently!

Make Access to Your Employees Easier With Callback Widget for Customers

For many clients, making a phone call is not easy. It is much more convenient if the employees of the company themselves call back the client! This solution is very easy to implement! Install our widget on your website and connect with clients in no time.

How does it work?

  • The client fills out the feedback form on the site.
  • The system automatically dials his phone number specified in the feedback form.
  • Automation of processes immediately connects the client with a free employee.

Stop losing customers due to a poorly configured callback! Make feedback your forte!

Why Is It Convenient for Customers?

  • No need to spend money on a call to your company.
  • Employees themselves contact the client.
  • Instant results when contacted.
  • For those who do not like phone calls, this is the way out.

Business Benefits

  • You do not lose those customers who are not inclined to call themselves
  • You show that you keep up with technology
  • You show that contacting you is prestigious
  • You can instantly respond to calls and reduce conversion losses.

Advantages of Our Solutions for Integrating Telephony with CRM

In general, the use of widgets on the site, integrating CRM and telephony, is an opportunity to make your image modern, relevant, and caring for customers. And if we talk about the CRM integration service from <company name>, then you get more than just a widget for calling customers directly from the site.

We don't use custom branding for labels on the widget. Your widget, your rules. Make it a bright and visible part of the website, use corporate colors and symbols, and add something what your competitors don't have. Your callback widget will immediately draw the attention of customers.

In addition, there are not so obvious advantages that you can appreciate when working with us:

  • Professional approach to the selection of individual solutions. We always offer what suits each individual client. No standard solutions, only an individual approach.
  • Fast CRM integration. Our specialists will do everything as quickly as possible so that you do not lose customers.
  • Constantly in touch. Our technical support is always ready to help you!
  • We not only provide CRM and telephony integration services but also teach how to properly use the software.

With us, you can reduce the number of missed calls and increase sales through a modern tool for interacting with customers.

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Intelligent calls routing: handling incoming calls scenarios
Intelligent calls routing: handling incoming calls scenarios

A professional approach can be seen in the details. And these, no doubt, include conducting telephone conversations and, in general, the culture of telephone calls provided in the company. Do you want your clients to recognize your professionalism from the very first second of contacting the company? Enable scenarios for processing incoming calls! Our company uses the experience of American specialists, which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the company's telephone calls. We have turnkey solutions for your business, including the following phone call handling options.

Time Management Rules

Use voice alerts for your company's opening hours. This allows the client to manage their time, rather than waiting for an answer during non-working hours, listening to beeps or intrusive melodies. Inform customers and show them your respect with timing rules.

Smart Voice Menu

The voice menu is a real must-have for companies where several departments are engaged in telephone conversations at once. Set up a flexible voice menu so that your customers can immediately switch to the responsible employee. Save your secretary's time and optimize the work of departments by getting rid of irrelevant calls. And, of course, make communication with your employees convenient for customers with the help of a smart voice menu.

Call Forwarding to Competent Employees

Professionalism attracts customers and increases their loyalty. Set up redirection of clients to employees who are competent in their issues. This not only saves time but also increases loyalty to the company because the client immediately understands that they are interested in him.

7 Call Distribution Scenarios in Queue

Optimizing the load on employees is also a way to increase the efficiency of the company. Using call distribution scenarios will help you reduce the load on some departments and receive the maximum number of calls. You can use various scenarios for receiving calls, for example:

  • Transferring calls in the queue to the employee who received the least number of calls today;
  • Receiving calls in a queue with random distribution to employees;
  • Setting the priority for receiving calls to certain employees of the company.

There are many such scenarios, and we use the most effective of them to set up telephony in a company, focusing on the specifics of the business, the number of employees, and other factors.

Integration of Customer Names in CRM

You should agree that you may like it when you are immediately addressed by name when you call. Your customers will also like this approach and increase their interest in you. To do this, you should use such a call processing scenario as the integration of telephone contacts with CRM. During the initial call, employees find out the name of the client and enter it into the database. When the same customer calls again, he immediately hears he is called by name and understands that the company is interested in him. Accordingly, and from his side, interest in the company is increasing. Address customers by name and increase sales by 80%!

Recording Informational Messages by a Professional Announcer

With the help of voice, intonation, and accents, you can impact the decisions of customers. Use this opportunity! Informational messages recorded by professional announcers increase the likelihood that the client will make the decision you need when listening. We offer you to use live human speech, rather than a recording of a robotic answering machine so that customers form only pleasant associations with your company. Get more repeat calls from customers after listening to informational messages recorded by the announcer.

Benefits of Using Our Call Distribution Scenarios

All call processing scenarios that we offer have passed the test of time and have shown their effectiveness. We analyze your activities and select individual solutions that will show the result specifically for your business. Full configuration, debugging, training of employees to work with call processing scenarios, as well as technical support at any time. That is what you get in <company name>.

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Robodialer: Auto Dialer via Phone (IVR) for Your Business: How to Make It Easy
Robodialer: Auto Dialer via Phone (IVR) for Your Business: How to Make It Easy

When you scale up your business and launch hundreds of new customers daily, it can be a daunting task to inform the whole customer database with some important information. For this, you can hire new employees, of course. Or, maybe, apply for a call center’s services. But let’s calculate the overall cost for these solutions. It could be impressive, well.

There is one more idea on how to manage to inform your customers. That is an automated broadcasting that is recorded and broadcast by a robot when the customer receives a call from your company. IVR has numerous benefits compared to operator’s calls and SMS mailing.

IVR voice broadcasting service that we offer helps to send information to a limitless number of subscribers and dial them automatically.

Besides this, you may also enjoy several other benefits:

  • Cost-saving. Installation and adjusting of auto dialer software are several times cheaper than hiring additional operators and paying salaries to them.
  • No leakage of information due to employers’ actions. Your confidential information will be delivered directly to a client.
  • Fewer possibilities of a human factor impact. You can make auto informing 100% effective.

What Opportunities the Software Offers to a Business Owner

With IVR voice broadcasting and auto dialer software, you can perform the following operations:

  • Deliver recorded in advance information to leads.
  • Add the function of tone dialing for customers to get their reactions to your message.
  • Mixed technology that offers auto-recorded message first, and then redirects the client to the operator.
  • Calling reports to analyze the efficiency of dialing and delivery of information.
  • Adding customers’ database from the file.
  • Creating campaigns with pre-set start and duration.
  • Setting queues for calls. Launching several campaigns at once.

What Benefits to Enjoy With Our Auto Dialer and Broadcasting Software

The first and the most important benefit every business owner may appreciate is reducing loads on operators. With automated solutions, only personalized requests from clients and hard cases will be held by an operator. Everything beyond that can be delivered to a client automatically. Besides, it is also about taking care of your operators. When they need to tell the same message to dozens of people, it can be daunting and exhaust an operator. The productivity and efficiency may decline in that case. Software plays the recorded message automatically to each client after they receive the call. And all intonations, words, and senses will be similar for every client no matter how many calls you need to do, 10, 100, 100,000, or even more.

When you have an international business with lots of offshore clients living in various time zones, using automated dialer campaigns will be a win-win as you do not need your operators to work within business hours to inform customers from other time zones.

And one more benefit of IVR and auto dialer to consider is the use of several dialing lines simultaneously. All messages are delivered at one time and in one voice which guarantees that all clients will experience the same language impact from the message.

To start a campaign for voice broadcasting, you even do not need to engage any operator. Just choose in the software the option for Call Campaigns and then go to the additional settings menu in it.

Here you are welcome to indicate the following features:

  • Your company name
  • Audio message to broadcast to clients (select a recorded file and add it to the software)
  • Number of repeats
  • Tone dial buttons for clients to use during the call
  • Selection of call statuses (for operators)
  • Adjusting the number of channels to use for auto dialing
  • Availability of incoming calls (for automated mode, please, select ‘No’)

There are several more parameters that you can adjust. After you set all the adjustments, you need just to approve changes to make them work.

To start the campaign, you can either activate it right at the moment or after the adjustment of scenarios for the client’s response using tone dialing. In any case, calls will start when the campaign is active. To stop it, just give your IVR and auto dialing campaign a Non-active status.

The efficiency of that service is high enough as you get your employees free from routine calls to delegate their more important tasks. Besides, you can use the system both for customers’ information and for informing your employees between branches and directions.

As you can see, IVR technology is the best idea for dialing a huge amount of clients. Its main features bring you a monetary economy and free your operators’ hands for other work.

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