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Robo dialer

Voice auto informer - software for automating outgoing calls.
This is a product that automatically dials from a list of phone numbers and plays an audio file or IVR in real time

Robo dialer
Benefits of Robodialer for the customer

Benefits of Robodialer for the customer

The routine work of agents associated with voicing the same message usually does not justify itself either in terms of efficiency for the company, or in terms of time and financial costs for the company. The Robodialer is designed to optimize the work of the company in the direction of increasing the number of customers, reducing the time of operators and not only. The advantages of an Robodialer are:
  • improving the quality of services provided by the company. The Robodialer involves the communication of the same information to a large number of subscribers, and in this case situations are excluded when a person missed something important and forgot to notify the client about it;
  • the opportunity to work at night. This feature is relevant for international companies - installing software is much more profitable than paying employees at an increased rate;
  • that its setting allows you to ensure customer loyalty. Messages are transmitted using the same intonation, and this is important, because not always even the most stress-resistant employees can control themselves under certain working conditions. The human factor has not been canceled.

The Robodialer provides the ability to both download a pre-recorded audio file, and generate it from the TTS text, or collect responses via IVR. It is also possible to set the number of repetitions of the message, the constant accounting of the quality of dial-ups, the installation of a detailed campaign, the response of the subscriber using the tone dialing of numbers, and more. Everything is adapted as much as possible to the needs of users from different areas of business activity.

3 easy steps to success.

We perfectly understand how important the issue of saving time is for each person. The machines are designed to simplify the life of operators - this is understandable, but the owner is interested not only in saving money on the staff of operators and managers. He is also interested in saving on IT specialists and the ability to quickly change existing program algorithms. That is why we offer a product that allows you to quickly launch the Robodialer and, if necessary, change various parameters in just a couple of clicks.

Our product is about a quick start in 3 steps. To evaluate all its advantages in practice:
  • select a calling campaign;
  • set the time, the number of repetitions of the message and other parameters;
  • load contacts from a file or REST API.

Everything is extremely simple and convenient! No long settings, no need to call specialists, etc. "

3 easy steps to success.

How it works

Main office

(how it can be connected)

  • Robot 1

  • Robot 2

  • Robot 3

  • Robot N

Communication channels

  • SIP providers

  • Analog numbers

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Mobile operators

  • Telegram/Viber


Management and control

Branches and remote employees


Picture 1 2

Autodialer module menu

Stepper for quick create campaign of dialing

  • 3 step easy way to created auto or robodialer campaign

  • Realtime tool for monitor your agents and calls

  • Ability to changed settings of campaigns or add new contacts

  • Custom status for IVR pressed buttons or agents can set for dispo

  • Call script for performance increasing


Select campaign type

  • Robodialer: that campaign type load contacts to the list, makes automatic dialing and connects with the agent(employee) in real time

  • Autodialer: that campaign type load contacts to the list, make automatically dials from a list of phone numbers and plays an audio file or IVR in real time

Picture 1 2 3

Campaign creation

  • Name - set name of campaign

  • Call time - set the time at which the call will be made (be careful, set the time of automatic calls according to the laws)

  • Link - choose the Provider and number for call initiation in this campaign


Welcome audio message

  • Welcome audio file - upload welcome audio file or write TTS generated audio. You can listen generated audio from web

  • Statuses - set the status for Answered calls and Status for all IVR pressed button if you are going to use IVR


Campaign settings

  • Number of robots - set number of robots (how many concurrenly calls system will be initiate in this campaing)

  • Call recording - deselect checkbox if you are not going to record calls

Picture 1 2 3

Download contacts for a call

Upload file with contacts


Select the match

Match fields from file to system fields. Phone number is required


Table of contacts

Check result in the table

Picture 1 2

Show calls info

A call details provides data about incoming, outgoing and internal calls made on the telephone system. Now, as for what kind of information call detail records provide, we can typically include:

  • Date and time of a telephone call
  • Call duration (in minutes)
  • Type of a phone call: inbound, outbound, internal
  • Information on the source and destination telephone numbers
  • Information on the provider and external number through call originated or received
  • Call status
  • Additional info depend of your request

Export info to file

  • Download call details info to PDF
  • Download call details info to Excel
Picture 1

Filter calls

You can filter the displayed calls list to only include calls that match specified criteria.

  • Direction: Only show calls to the matching direction(inbound, outbound or internal)

  • DateTime range. Only show calls from to datetime.

  • Group: Only show calls to the matching group name.

  • User: Only show calls to or from the matching user name or extension number.

  • Duration Only show calls that match the duration range.

Picture 1 2

Filter by user groups

Allow to fast navigate via agents in large call centers


Phone state

  • Ready

  • In call with(phone and optionally name)

  • On pause

  • Unavailable / invalid

Besides the queue name, they will show the list of members or agents for that queue, with a little icon representing the member state(Paused or no).

And supervisor can pause/unpause member from queue.

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Benefits of using
To improve customer service

Optimization of time-consuming routine tasks allows you to influence the quality of interaction with customers and improve customer experience. Timely informing about the expansion of the range of services offered, price increases, receiving feedback contributes to the formation of a positive image of the company and taking the business to a new level.

For repeat sales and promotions

Robodialer allows you to quickly notify customers about interesting promotions, special offers, do not miss a single detail and attract the maximum number of people to them.

For surveys and questionnaires

Robodialer allows you to reduce the time spent on receiving feedback from customers, analyze the work of the company and develop algorithms to improve its work.

Increase the conversion of outgoing calls

The robot itself will call the client (potential client), provide certain information and guide the client through the entire chain of interaction (attracting to the promotion, informing about the special offer, making a purchase, etc.)

Robodialer features
Smart TTS

Transfer any text to speech using that feature. Get the text spoken by state-of-the-art digital speakers.


Send audio messages and pre-recorded calls to your clients using robodialer. That feature helps to make any number of calls simultaneously.

Campaigns monitoring

Evaluate the features that our campaign monitoring offers. Get all the data about campaign results and efficiency in a convenient tool.

Call recording

Get all your calls recorded and saved securely using cloud technology.

robodialer dialer: how it works

Create a dialing campaign

Create a separate campaign for a specific task: information broadcasting, survey, cold calls. Select a dialing mode: with the operator or using an automatic broadcasting robot. Set call time, the number of call attempts, pauses between attempts. Add call completion statuses.

Download a list

Download a list of contacts from the Excel file along with additional fields, such as full name, preferences, city. You can add an unlimited number of fields, which the operator will see during the conversation with the lead.

Configure call scenario

Select questions that the employee will ask during the call; this information will be available to the operator. To make the manager 2019s work easier, create your own algorithm of cold calls that would be convenient during the conversation.


The system will do the rest. It dials customers from the list and connects them with available staff members. You can monitor calls in real time and manage them.

Assessment of call results

After the call round is finished, you can export results for analysis and processing in Excel.